difference between AGV and AMR
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difference between AGV and AMR

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The full name of AGV is automated guided vehicle, which means automatic guided transport vehicle with track or trackless. It is mainly based on navigation technology and without manual driving.

The full name of AMR is autonomous mobile robot, which means autonomous mobile robot. It mainly refers to some mobile robots with strong autonomy.

AGVs solve the problem of unmanned transportation in industrial logistics. The early AGV can only move through the track rail on the ground. With the development of navigation technology,  our technology egineers have solved the positioning problem by high reflector and positioning lidar, which does not need track line. At the same time, with the improvement of vision and laser lidar technology positioning and navigation problems, Agv can more fully perceive the obstacles and map information in the environment.

AMR comes from the field of robot technology, which can actively respond to the obstacle in the environment, and can autonomously avoid to move. With the development of AI and robot technology, the most advanced AMR robot can recognize the surrounding environment automaticly, according to position from the sensor, determine the route according to the real-time situation, and intelligently bypass the obstacles to reach the destination.

AGV and AMR are not the same, but there is a strong cross in the application of industrial scenarios.Both of which getting the information from sensor ( Infrared, ultrasonic, contact switch, camera,laser lidar...) and Making corresponding judgment and action by algorithm logic. they are widely used in logistics and transportation scenarios. In the logistics scenario of factories and warehouses,  AMR and AGV have good effects in different scenarios, which can only be achieved through the development and popularization of technology.

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