Residential Energy Storage System
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Residential Energy Storage System Residential Energy Storage System


Residential Energy Storage System

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The Company takes the lead in grid energystorage, industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, portable power-supply energystorage, and integrated energy solutions services. Committed to the ambition of zero-carbon clean energysystems, the company complies with the vision of “Be the world's leading clean energy service provider”.

Product Description

Energy Technology embraces the energy storage cells, battery modules, battery management systems (BMS), power conversion systems (PCS), energy management systems (EMS), energy storage fire-fighting systems, energy storage cloud monitoring platforms, etc. 


Self-consumption: Storage automatically stores excess solar power during the day. Then you can draw electricity right from your battery when you need it.

Operation Scheduling:  Storage is virtual power plant compatible which means that any excess battery energy can be utilized by the grid or electricity retailers to provide additional savings.

Load Shifting (Peak Shaving):Peak shaving is a strategy for avoiding peak demand charges by quickly reducing power consumption during a demand interval. Storage provides charge/ dischage monitors to cap peak demand and avoid high energy bills.

Energy Backup (UPS Mode): Storage can work as an energy backupunit , providing uninterrupted blackout protection when the grid goes down.

Manage Your Energy Anytime, Anywhere: APP provide real-time feedback on your usage.It ultimately creates a more stable and renewable friendly energy grid.

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