Residential Energy Storage System
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Residential Energy Storage System

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The Company takes the lead in grid energystorage, industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, portable power-supply energystorage, and integrated energy solutions services. Committed to the ambition of zero-carbon clean energysystems, the company complies with the vision of “Be the world's leading clean energy service provider”.

Product Description

Energy Technology embraces a wide range of core patents related to the energy storage cells, battery modules, battery management systems (BMS), power conversion systems (PCS), energy management systems (EMS), energy storage fire-fighting systems, energy storage cloud monitoring platforms, etc. The company also claims considerable strength in R&D, production, and application in the energy storage industrial chain. ’s products are applied to various scenarios such as power auxiliary services, renewable energy power plants, industrial users, large and medium-sized communities, industrial and commercial buildings, green energy storage houses, portable energy sources, border islands, data centers, and comprehensive parks, etc.


Self-consumption: Storage automatically stores excess solar power during the day. Then you can draw electricity right from your battery when you need it.

Operation Scheduling:  Storage is virtual power plant compatible which means that any excess battery energy can be utilized by the grid or electricity retailers to provide additional savings.

Load Shifting (Peak Shaving):Peak shaving is a strategy for avoiding peak demand charges by quickly reducing power consumption during a demand interval. Storage provides charge/ dischage monitors to cap peak demand and avoid high energy bills.

Energy Backup (UPS Mode): Storage can work as an energy backupunit , providing uninterrupted blackout protection when the grid goes down.

Manage Your Energy Anytime, Anywhere: APP provide real-time feedback on your usage.It ultimately creates a more stable and renewable friendly energy grid.

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