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Magnetic Brake Magnetic Brake
Magnetic Brake Magnetic Brake
Magnetic Brake Magnetic Brake
Magnetic Brake Magnetic Brake


Magnetic Brake

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A magnetic brake is an apparatus that uses intense magnetic forces to slow down a vehicle. There are many different kinds of magnetic braking systems, including those that employ magnetic repulsion to create resistance and those that use electromagnets to activate conventional friction pads. These are on a range of vehicles, including trains and roller coasters.

The most popular kind of magnetic brake is an electromagnetic brake, which uses magnets linked to a set of brake pads to conduct an electric current. The magnets grip the brakes over a brake disk as they are drawn to one another, creating friction to give stopping power. There are several variants on this kind, such as so-called fail safe brakes that use extremely powerful permanent magnets that are by nature attracted. In a power outage or other emergency, they instantly engage since they can only be kept apart by an opposing magnetic actively working to keep them apart.

Product Description

A magnetic brake, often referred to as an electric brake, an induction brake, or an electric retarder, is a tool used to slow down or stop moving objects by creating eddy currents that release the kinetic energy of the item as heat. The drag force in an eddy current brake is an electromagnetic force between a magnet and a nearby conductive object in relative motion, due to eddy currents induced in the conductor through electromagnetic induction, as opposed to friction brakes, which use friction between two surfaces that are pressed together to stop the moving object.

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