AGV system and Production line in site
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AGV system and Production line in site

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Communication between the AGV system and the field production line

AGV automatic scheduling system and production line interface mainly through database intermediate interface and real - time communication.

Take the Modbus TCP/IP communication interface as an example below

Data Management

For database of AGV dispatching system, We can use Microsoft SQL Server,Oracle and other related database management system to establish:
       1) AGV task table

2) AGV status information table

3) task priority

4) work log and path planning. ...

In each industrial automation line, Status information,trigger conditions will be basic conditions for AGVs communication with line

Real - time message mode

AGVs communicate with the production line system, different communication protocols are used for data docking by real - time data message

Interface structure (see figure)

Between logistic equipment and material, #AGVs system can transfor timely information (material information flow) and improved the automation lever of material handling process. 

Wuhan Donglisheng M&E Technology Co.,Ltd. (DLS) has many years of experience in design and project implementation in intelligent material handling system :

  • AGV/AMR,Automation product and inspection line

  • Mainly hardware (automation intelligent equipment and production/inspection line )

  • Software system ( AGVs,MES,WMS...) and other various management systems,

    to approach the requirement of the seamless transmission of material information in all links.

 Wish more Tec. specialists and customers to join us to communication and improve the safety and smart material handing system

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